Autonomy for UAVs

Cranfield University is leading the development of new autonomous UAV technology as part of the CASCADE EPSRC project. Autonomy is a fundamental enabling factor in achieving the wider adoption of UAVs in the UK’s airspace. Initially CASCADE is focusing on demonstrating the benefits that multiple autonomous UAVs can have within a precision agriculture environment. Other … More Autonomy for UAVs

CASCADE participates to the first UK UTM demonstration

Representatives of CASCADE from the University of Manchester with the support of the University of Southampton have been part of the UK’s first UTM (Unified Traffic Management) demonstration. The demonstration, codenamed Operation Zenith, happened at the Manchester Airport and its proximities on the 21/11/2018. Operation Zenith demonstrated the successful integration of manned and unmanned traffic … More CASCADE participates to the first UK UTM demonstration

CASCADE Kick-off Event

CASCADE Kick-off Event – 04/07/2018 The University of Southampton hosted the CASCADE Kick-off event on the 4th of July 2018. The event started with an introduction to the Industrial Steering Board members followed by a brief overview of the CASCADE project plan and objectives. A poster session and the subsequent discussion gave the guests the … More CASCADE Kick-off Event