CASCADE collaboration workshop

Snowdonia Aerospace Centre 17th-21st June 2019

What is it?

  • A week of collaborative, research driven UAV activities highlighting work undertaken as part of CASCADE.

Where will it take place?

  • The event will be held at Snowdonia Aerospace Centre, Llanbedr.
  • There will be hanger space for development work with direct access to the airfield/runways for flight testing, conference facilities for meetings and presentations, and camp style accommodation for people staying overnight.

Who should attend?

  • The core team will be CASCADE Academic Partners who will attend days 1-5.
  • CASCADE Industrial Partners are invited to attend days 4 and 5 (Thursday and Friday) where the focus will be on the testing of capabilities with respect to the tranche 1 case studies.
  • To foster collaboration with the wider academic community, the workshop will be opened up to academic groups outside of CASCADE (days 2-4). Attendees from this group will be selected based on invitation and subsequent assessment of the collaborative value of proposed demonstration activities.

Programme activities

  • Physical demonstrations of capability developed for tranche 1 case studies and main research themes
  • Peer to peer technical skills workshops on UAV technologies and related techniques delivered by practitioners
  • UAV flight skills training and practice
  • Academic seminars
  • Team building UAV challenges
  • Programme meetings

Further information

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