CASCADE drone to deliver NHS supplies to the Isle of Wight

An unmanned cargo aircraft developed at the University of Southampton as part of CASCADE has started a series of trials in response to the Covid-19 emergency. The drone will provide a fast, responsive, low-cost aerial logistics link between the Isle of Wight and the mainland for the transport of medical supplies and other items to help with maintaining a rapid transport of equipment and samples during the Coronavirus crisis.


The unmanned aircraft, Windracers ULTRA, was originally designed for aid delivery missions in humanitarian crisis zones. ULTRA can lift 100 kg of payload and fly for 1000 km.

The trials are part of a larger project that will design the future transport zone in the Southampton and Portsmouth areas. Among other things, the project will focus on drone logistics for hospitals and surgeries across the Solent region and the safe integration of manned and unmanned air traffic.    

More information about the trials can be food here.

More information about ULTRA can be found here.

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